Darling, I'm in love with you

17 years old girl,bipolar,deeply in love,struggling with depression,suicidal thoughts,self-harm,panic attacs and selfhate.Cat and art lover.

Morning on the Seine, near Vetheuil, Claude Monet, 1878 | via Tumblr na We Heart It.

all the things i cant tell you to your face


I love the colour of your eyes.
I never meant to fall for you
I don’t think I’m good for you
I know I’m not good enough for you
I’m scared you don’t feel the same about me
I want you to tell me everything
I want you to tell me how you feel about me
I dont want you to ever leave
Your smile…

Aubrey Beadsley (1872-1898)

1)”Salome with her mother”
2)An illustration from “Le Morte D’Arthur”
4) “The peacock skirt”
5) “A Platonic lament”